ABEBOH is a Cameroonian and an American technology Company with headquaters Located at Mile 18 Buea - SW Region of Cameroon. We also have an operational Branch located at Petit Boabap - Bonaberi - Douala - Cameroon. Founded in 2016 by Nges Brian with Co-founder Dr. Chry Akem, ABEBOH's motto is "A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A PLAN AND A DATELINE". It has a vision To make Technology available and affordable to everyone. At ABEBOH Our Clients are our number ONE Priority. We have a diverse team of well exprerienced engineers from different Backgrounds with different expirences. Our team is made up of passionate people who have worked with top Companies and on Different world leading Technology Products. With our strong Management Team, we assure you with the best Products . At ABEBOH, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.

About Muzikol

At ABEBOH, we belief that our Music reflects and shapes us as a people. How we behave, how we reflect and how we act is affected by the music we listen. A sense of communal Identity is found and shared in Music. Therefore our music is our heritage and our culture. Through our music, we identify with our people. We belief that music is food for the soul. As an artist, a producer, a DJ, a music lover, Nges Brian discovered that there was need to bring to existence a place on the Internet to maintain ,support and grow Africa music with the goal to solve the major problems faced by the African Music Industry such as; Music Distribution, copyright, music Streaming and Piracy. Muzikol is an online music Market and social Network built with the vision to meet all the needs of the Africa music Industry. Muzikol connects Musicians with music lovers to deepen their relationship and grow the market for the African Music Industry. Muzikol is a virtual music community built to meet the demands of the music industry and solve the problems faced by music lovers and all players in the music industry. We do this by building the first digital music market embedded into a social network.